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May 1, 2010
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Alan - Talent is... by SilentKW Alan - Talent is... by SilentKW
"Talent is an accident of genes - and a responsibility." - Alan Rickman

Done. This took a lot longer than I wanted it too, but this was my last week of College, and I had assignments exams to write. I had to squeeze this in when I could.

I just love this man. I discovered him when I was 9, back when Galaxy Quest first came out, and I thought he was just the greatest thing ever. Then, when I found out he was gonna play Snape in the Harry Potter movies, I was devoted for life.

When I was 12, I wrote a letter to him, and sent a picture. I handwrote the letter, and asked for his autograph. He sent the picture back to me, signed, and a nice letter from his agent. How could u not love this man. He also signed a picture for my younger cousin, who was 9 at the time. A lot of fans said they were getting letters of apology back, saying he was very busy and couldn't sign. But, he took the time to sign a few pics for 2 little kids. Is he not great?

So, that is my story, of my love for Alan Rickman.

Photo of my autograph: [link]
Photos of my poster collection: [link]


Time: 5 hours-ish
Materials: Graphite on bristol, put a colour layer in photoshop just to make the burntout highlights my scanner adds not so intense
Ref: Photo of Alan from a press conference. Found online, not my own photo
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Fantastic portrait drawing! Nice true story! It was very nice of him to take the time to reply to you! I love to make pencil drawings and also pastel! May God richly bless you this New Near and always! Keep on the good work!
AlanSnape Sep 7, 2013  Hobbyist
OMG love it so much Heart Heart 
nghitran1307-dong Jul 31, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
I love him too ! and you done so well !!! I love it ! 

I love your portrait it is amazing! It is also amazing that you were able to get a signature from the BEST BRITISH ACTOR OF ALL TIME. If you could by any chance send me the adress you used to get the signature, I would be very gratefull. My E-mail is

I love your drawing.

Stunning accuracy beautiful work :)
You captured his expression perfectly! Love this :D
Gigi-Avila Aug 30, 2012  Professional
Amazing, amazing, amazing! So perfect... and Alan is a great actor...I love. <3
it's not an accident... It's just talent...or a miracle.(sorry, I'm french and i'm not sure for the spelling) i have drwa this actor one day but it isn't beautiful
WOO I love Alan Rickman too :) Ever since I saw him in "A Very Big Adventure", which was a very awkward and very sad but very good movie.
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