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May 16, 2009
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One Sexy Spock by SilentKW One Sexy Spock by SilentKW
One of the fastest drawings I've done, ever! 2days of work kids, I shock myself. I had the day off, so I was able to finish it.

I luv this man. He's so freakin beautiful. The movie was amazing, I have seen it 3 times :p I just might break my "V for Vendetta" record (saw it 4 times). It's a truly amazing movie. I was never a trekkie, I mean, I knew who most of the main characters were, and I watched the odd episode on tv, but never really got into it. Then, I saw the trailer for this movie in front of Watchmen, and thought to myself, "Self, that looks quite good". I went and saw it, and fell in love with it, all aspects of it. It was soooo good.

Plus, Zachary Quinto IS Spock. He is so pretty, I want to cry.

EDIT: 300+ views in 2 hours, you guys rock
EDIT2: My mommy bought me a NuSpock action figure :D, I am complete

Time: 5hrs
Material: 2H,H,HB,B,2B,4B,6B on bristol
Ref: Paramount promo pic
A/N: Not drawn for profit, or any intention on selling. It is for moi, and no you cant have it :p
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Oh man.
I am the same as you!!
Though I used to hate trek (I never watched it... I was so naive back then -.- )

Now Trek is my life XD

You did an awesome job

And Zack Quinto does indeed make a really sexy Spock... just sayin'......
CrystalOokami Apr 27, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
To me, one of Spock's most striking features is his eyes. You have captured their intensity beaufully. Thank you.
Masterful. just a few hairs out of place to show us he is not perfect. Loved this portait. Loved the movie, Loved the book. Love FanFiction.Net. and the continuing s t o r y.....
PianoWizzy Oct 18, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
charleychibi Oct 5, 2010
Looks like a picture. =]
karracaz Oct 3, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm a long time fan of Leonard Nimoy as Spock - but I think Zach Quinto more than adequately carries the baton for a new generation of Spock devotees. You've done him proud here. Lovely man, great portrait.
No, Leonard Nimoy IS Spock, no one will ever be a epic as he was. But I agree, Zachary Quinto is a very good looking guy and if anyone had to fill Nimoy's shoes I'm glad it was him, he did a fantastic job.
Also, that is one great drawing. Very jealous of your talent.
FanatikerFrau Jul 7, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Completely phenomenal!
I'd kill for talent like that. o.O ...Honestly.
Plus, I'm a mega trekkie, lol. (:
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